We are all one.  We create divisions, but ultimately we are all one.  Every thought, every action is a ripple in the universe. Humans expend a great deal of energy in setting up divisions between each other.  Nature works in harmony.  I truly believe nature is one of our biggest teachers.  We have been unconsciouslyContinue reading “Unity”

Finding the G Spot – G Rated

This has been a work in progress for many years now.  I didn’t even know there was a G spot until something miraculous happened to me many years ago.  By G spot I’m talking about the God spot, wherever that exists, in my brain, in my heart, perhaps permeating every cell in our bodies, inContinue reading “Finding the G Spot – G Rated”

If I Were a Book

On the cover would be the Buddhist wheel of life – rich with color and intricacies. It’s only one book of a series of how many I don’t know.  Within the pages one will find a brutal honesty of reality, as real as the illusion of maya gets. The first pages turn with a crispnessContinue reading “If I Were a Book”

The Spiritual Journey of a Child

That would have to be in the beginning.  No, correction, if we are all a part of God, and God has no beginning or no end, then in the beginning couldn’t really be accurate.  I really can’t imagine no beginning or no end, but God is far beyond my imagination. If the spiritual journey comesContinue reading “The Spiritual Journey of a Child”

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

How many times have you heard a statement or read something or saw something of the simplest nature that has had the profoundest effect on you?  That one simple thing that took up a mere second of your life comes back to you over and over as one of the best spiritual teachings you’ll everContinue reading “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Back to Another New Year

Life Can Be Lemonade It was the end of 2005, after Christmas and before the New Year that we were invited to come spend overnight with some friends and attend a channeling session.  I had never been to a channeling and had no idea what to expect; but I had heard other people talk aboutContinue reading “Back to Another New Year”

Thankful for Perfection in Whatever Form in May Take

Perfection means different things to different people. To me it’s my husband walking through the door every evening and seeing perfection in me even if I’m dressed in the sloppiest of attire with no make up as I usually am. It’s him telling me he’s so grateful I settled for him when it’s really theContinue reading “Thankful for Perfection in Whatever Form in May Take”

Inspired by Nature

I wrote this earlier, but we are once again at this point in Mother Nature’s cycle.  Even though summer is my favorite season I’m thankful for all the seasons, as a different beauty unfolds in all of them. “When I discovered a new plant I sat down beside it for a minute or a dayContinue reading “Inspired by Nature”

Wise Words

I’m thankful for answered prayer.  Yesterday I apologized to my husband for being grouchy.  I had internal suffering going on, beating myself up, and judging myself for my mistakes, my sins.  The same book that I wrote about in a previous blog came to my rescue. I’ve made it a goal to read a chapterContinue reading “Wise Words”

Life-Changing Books

About four years ago I discovered a life-changing book.  It was “Where There is Light” by Paramahansa Yogananda.  I was leaving to pick up my husband from work and hurriedly grabbed a book from the bookcase to read while waiting in the parking lot.  The pure truth of it resonated with me like embracing aContinue reading “Life-Changing Books”