Feeling Lighter

Yesterday I got my draft of Sally off to my beta readers. When I got to the end and read the last couple of sentences a chill went up my spine and I had an emotional release. I think that’s a good sign. Sally was born into slavery in 1858. She died at 110 on March 31,Continue reading “Feeling Lighter”

Sally Short – The Eggs

It’s Black History Month.  I wish to dedicate some of this month’s blog writings to Sally Ann Barnes.  I met her when I was eight.  She was 101 at the time.  She lived to be 110.  During my research into Sally I made lots of phone calls and visits to people who had known Sally.Continue reading “Sally Short – The Eggs”

Sally Ann Barnes, the Only Person Born Into Slavery That I Have Ever Met

It’s Black History Month and I actually met someone who had been born into slavery.  Her name was Sally Ann Barnes.  Over the years I have done a lot of research on her, and have written some about her.  Three pictures surfaced while I was doing research.  Maybe there are more out there and theyContinue reading “Sally Ann Barnes, the Only Person Born Into Slavery That I Have Ever Met”

The Day I Met Sally – She Had Been A Slave

  (This is about my first encounter with a person of color.  I thought it fitting that I should post this during the time we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Sally lived from 1858 until 1969.) Sometime around my eighth birthday was when I first encountered the presence of Sally.  LongContinue reading “The Day I Met Sally – She Had Been A Slave”

Introduction to Sally

Is the world constructed of atoms or stories?  I think stories, but if it’s constructed of atoms, then the atoms surely weave themselves into stories.  There are so many stories; with lights still flickering that won’t be dampened. All of us are lit from within.  Some of us have our lights turned on the dimmestContinue reading “Introduction to Sally”