Report Card on the Beginning of this Vedic New Year

Today is an auspicious day, as it marks the Vedic New Year.  According to the Sanskrit tradition this day is of cosmic importance and marks a new beginning.  So why do I feel so sluggish today?  Perhaps I started my own new year too early.  I began on March 1st slowly incorporating in better habits.Continue reading “Report Card on the Beginning of this Vedic New Year”


Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the year….January 1st.  I’ve chosen March 1st as my own new year and a time for making resolutions, although I don’t make them all at once.  That would just be too overwhelming.  So, I’ve decided to try making a new one at the beginning of each month.Continue reading “Resolutions”

Size Stretch Pants

  It’s almost the beginning of a new year, and also that time of year, the eleventh hour, when everyone resolves once again to do what they resolved to do at the beginning of the year – shape up, lose weight, and become healthier.  Very few of us do achieve our lofty goals. The otherContinue reading “Size Stretch Pants”