The Wild Calls Lazily

The weather, this week has been very strange.  Yesterday I was able to lay in the hammock.  In the last few days we have had below freezing temperatures, but yesterday was almost a summer day.  I was able to lay in the hammock for awhile, after stacking firewood.  This morning we woke up to 70Continue reading “The Wild Calls Lazily”

Chasing Paper

Today was one of those days that slip away from you.  I’m a great procrastinator on lots of things, especially paper work.  I dug it all out in hopes of getting taxes started, forms filled out, bills paid, and general organization, and elimination.  Phone calls were made for the second time to get taken offContinue reading “Chasing Paper”

Oh Little Twig

Oh little twig Neglected Overlooked Not the trunk Not the fruit Nor the blossom But bridge between what is Messenger between these three By winds and storms shaken Not deterred Flexible Accommodating Inspiration to my soul Snapped and broken Medicine to my body Sassafras brewing in my mother’s kitchen Fragrant aroma permeating the air MemoriesContinue reading “Oh Little Twig”

Sacred Moment(s)

Is there one time specific in the illusion of time so sacred above all others? Sacredness is the stillness and presence in the moment And in the knowing of the blessing that is being bestowed How many moments slip away Because we don’t immerse ourselves in what IS I held my newborn child to myContinue reading “Sacred Moment(s)”