The Adventures of Butterscotch

Synopsis: A dog has a harrowing day, finds a hero and changes her name. The Adventures of Buttercup Butterscotch “Surprise!” Bernie removed his hands from Doris’s eyes. “An amusement park?” “Not just any amusement park. The Jungle Park. Action and adventure for the whole family, that’s what the brochure said.” “But Bernie, there is justContinue reading “The Adventures of Butterscotch”

Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs

Last night after several attempts I think I successfully drew a dog.  At least my husband said it looked like a dog.  The first attempt reminded me of the salt monster on one of the very first Star Trek episodes.  I can’t say what breed this is, if any.  I’m posting with it a storyContinue reading “Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs”