My Working Cover

This is the working cover for a book I hope to have published by November.

Ethel, a middle school teacher, Luce, a stay-at-home mom married to a successful businessman, and Ola, owner of Ola’s Wise Old Books, are best friends. They circumnavigate through the pitfalls of middle age together, confiding their innermost thoughts to each other. Or do they?

Ethel, out of pride, acts as if all is normal even though her husband suddenly returns to his native India. Ola refuses to discuss her past or strange relationship with Cornelius, who works alongside her at the bookstore.

Everything takes a strange twist when Luce, while in the library, comes across some disturbing news regarding Ola, and then after calling the middle school, she finds Ethel no longer works there. If that were not enough, Ola announces she has cancer, and the prognosis is not good.

5 thoughts on “My Working Cover

  1. The title font is difficult to read from a distance. I would make it bolder and more readable. The subtitle font is too small, and the copy doesn’t make a strong enough statement. The illustration is very eye-catching! Sounds like a fascinating story.

      1. Jerri, not having read the manuscript, it’s difficult to weigh in, but here’s some alternative ideas to get you thinking. Mike

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