Hammock Time in Kentucky

In the sixties for the last couple of days. It’s supposed to reach seventy by tomorrow. On Sunday before last, we celebrated a full week of electricity. Although February is the shortest month, it seemed the longest. After an ice storm and more snow on top of that, along with temperatures in the single digits at night, we went through fifteen days without electricity and part of the time without water since there was no electricity feeding the pumping stations.

I had a list of resolutions before the electrical outage. The only ones I continued daily was journalling and yoga. I’m now back on track for the most part. One of the resolutions is to practice drawing everyday. This is a drawing of Shaker boxes. We retreated to Shakertown in Harrodsburg, Kentucky for a couple of nights for hot showers and warmth. It’s one of our favorite places.

A painting I did on procreate this past week.


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