More updates have been made since this picture.

The last day of the year, and I’m in the process of making a new website. Still more work to do, but it’s a start.

For over three months, almost four, we have also been updating our home, the kitchen/dining area to be exact. I have to give my husband the credit. He does ninety-nine percent of the work. It’s all a do-it-yourself job. It started on the day after his birthday, September 13. It didn’t start as a kitchen project, but one thing leads to another. I asked if a particular wall was load-bearing. I was hoping to get more light and a new workspace to write. It’s where I’m writing now–the new kitchen island we installed which is pictured.

Of course, the project grew. They always do. We knocked out two walls. My hope was to get it finished by Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s. Now, I’m hoping for Valentine’s Day.

We have tried to recycle as much as possible. My husband has hand-built cabinets, moved around appliances, and we’ve dismantled an old barn to use the boards, some of which were ten inches wide.

So, more writing and better-prepared, healthier meals for 2021!

And wishing everyone a much better year! One of creativity, peace, and good health!

3 thoughts on “Updating

  1. Wow excellent art work! I love it. You do wonderful work. I would reccomend you to anyone. So pleased to have met you..

  2. Alot of work remodeling a home. You are very busy with that and your writing. Both well worth the effort. Love your work…

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