H is for Hawk

So thrilled to get to go to Author Helen Macdonald’s talk last night. It happened via a series of synchronicities. We had something else scheduled which got cancelled and then saw where someone had tickets he couldn’t use. Surprisingly, we were the first to request and got them. We had good seats. This was on Friday. The lecture was on Saturday. Someone on Wednesday gave me a bookstore gift card. Used that to buy the book on Friday night. I was the first in line to have it autographed.hisforhawkHer talk inspired me to be out in nature more, and to start using our trails once again. I found the audio version was available on Overdrive. Checked it out to listen to while out walking in the woods, where I’m sure I’ll see a hawk. My husband will be able to read the paperback.

Her talk was excellent. She took questions at the end. I’m always too shy to ask questions, feeling my question will be stupid, especially after every question, excellent question. Maybe if I had been brave enough, I would have raised my hand and asked, “This is not such an excellent question, but do you perhaps think you might have been a hawk in a past life?” This is the way I think.

Oh yes, and I got new glasses (need them for distance). My husband insisted I keep them on. They match his.

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