The Color of Cold and Ice

This is a reblog from one of my latest book reviews. The review is provided by Jasmine of How Useful Is It at WordPress. Many thanks for her review.

How Useful It Is

coldandiceSynopsis from Goodreads:
Sybil has dreams; the prophetic kind, although interpreting them correctly is another matter. Her latest dream involves her sister Emerald, who wants to pursue her art once more and move on with her life after losing her husband. John, once felt he was making a difference as an ER doctor, but finds himself slipping away in his Manhattan practice as well as in his marriage. Allison, John’s wife wants to change her ho hum existence with John into something spectacular. Mark, Allison’s brother, a struggling musician, wants to quit rambling in life and find his purpose.
The cold changes everything.

bowline2About: The Color of Cold and Ice is a fiction novel written by J. Schlenker. This book was published on 7/20/16 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. This book is the author’s second novel and her first was called Jessica Lost Her Wobble which was published…

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