Day Two of Art Challenge

mermaidsI was challenged by my friend, Willena Jeane Belden, to post a painting a day for seven days. This was a Facebook challenge, but am moving it over to my blog. Willena Jeane Belden’s blog can be found here:

This is digital art. I just published “The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries” (A Collection of Short Stories). These are illustrations from that book.

Day 2: From the second story in the book – The Mermaids – A middle-aged woman finds solace in her new above ground pool. Within its confines she discovers she can imagine all sorts of things. Her neighbors wants what she has.

6 thoughts on “Day Two of Art Challenge

      1. my pleasure and I am actually going to jump in on this challenge myself – so thanks for the inspiration – i needed something fresh like this 🙂
        and love the day three veggies!

      2. well I am behind on my reading and up to my next with author books to get to, but let me tell you that I am going to try and make room for your book – not only because you are cool – but because of your love for art and hey – if you made room (to write in a reason) for this cool painting, well that says a lot. 🙂 have a nice day

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