Day One

nanonovemberbannerThe first day of NaNoWriMo, and I sit here looking at my computer screen,

Chapter 1. 

I’m reminded of the a writer in the movies sitting before his typewriter – Writer’s Block. Well, in all fairness to myself I have 224 words. And, the first two words are controversial, very controversial. You aren’t supposed to use very. Extremely (And, as Stephen King says, the adverb is not your friend) controversial. Those two words could get edited out; however, your first line should be an attention grabber.

I slept in this morning – 7 AM. I thought it might give me that extra edge to write. So, far, No. I’m sure while I slept other NaNoWriMoers were writing away, in the vicinity of thousands of words already. Still, I have faith. I’ll get there.

4 thoughts on “Day One

  1. What’s that sound I hear? Silence. No clicking or clacking of the typewriter or keyboard. All is quiet here as well. Day ain’t over yet though! May your muse show up soon!

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