The Missing Butler Book Cover

Working on a collection of short stories with illustrations. I have toyed around with a cover for a while. I’m hoping this is it. the-missing-butler-1



6 thoughts on “The Missing Butler Book Cover

  1. Love the concept and your art, If you don’t mind me saying, I think the word (and) would be nice on it’s own line and maybe ?? the (and) could be a (&) and your name in a different type face , but other wise I think it is really great and well done.Hope it all goes well.

      1. I love the typewriter, It is great and goes with the whole idea. I thought your name could be a different type face , maybe your signature!
        I wasn’t sure if the Missing butler is one story on it’s own and the (other life mysteries) were several other stories , therefor the reason I said about the word “and” being placed on it’s own lines, was to separate the two titles because of more than one story, It reads to me as the butler and the butlers mysteries. I could have this all wrong of course and just got totally confused. Also thank you I am glad you did not take offense as I was trying to help, hopefully with something constructive ! I am very truthful so I quite often say to people (Don’t ask unless you would like an honest answer). but you got one without asking.LOL. Good luck and hope you sell a million.

  2. I appreciate feedback, especially before I actually have it published, and you are really nice to give me constructive feedback. You are right, The Missing Butler is one story, the lead story, and there are others, mostly of a humorous nature. I will try your suggestions and see if they work, what others think as well. Just sent the manuscript off to the editor last night, so will probably have lots more work to do on it. I’m heavily involved in NaNoWriMo right now. And, selling a million would be great! Getting good reviews would be great!

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