The Fish

This morning I took a video of the fish. I don’t want to say our fish, because I don’t feel like we own them. You will see a fishing line in the video. We put this up because of a visiting Gray Heron. It gave up and moved on. The fish were quite spooked for a while. They have regained their confidence, now, I’m glad to say.

7 thoughts on “The Fish

  1. We have a grey heron visit us on a fairly regular basis. It has taken a few goldfish but not managed to steal away with any koi.
    Can you tell me exactly how you rigged the fishing line, please?

    1. My husband just tied it around rocks a little above the top of the pond on all sides except the waterfall, and a little bit inward. If the heron tries to get in it will touch it and become startled. Plus they need to be able to walk in and our pond goes straight down on all sides, which is also a turtle deterrent. After a while we didn’t see it anymore, and the fish seem much calmer now. We read you can also put a fake heron out because they are territorial, but I thought that was a bad idea. Probably would keep the fish in a constant state of panic. And you have to keep moving it. The heron eventually figures it out.

      1. Thank you.
        But guess what? We had a visit from an African Darter ( Anhinga) this morning!
        Only the second time in 14 years. It took almost all the baby fish before we realised!
        I managed to capture a few photos before scaring it off. I shall post photos a bit later.

        But I shall definitely use the fishing line idea.
        Thanks once again.


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