Husband’s Morning Yoga

This is part of my husband’s morning yoga routine, the part I can’t do. I really shouldn’t use that word – can’t – bad word. I recently turned sixty-three. Learning to do this should be on my bucket list. Maybe next year I can put a video up of me doing it with When I’m Sixty-Four playing in the background.

12 thoughts on “Husband’s Morning Yoga

  1. Ha! What an awesome hubby you have. I once watched a 98 yr old man do yoga and it was just spectacular. The guy was obviously ten times healthier and more fit than those of us half his age. But the good thing about yoga is that you don’t even have to it well. Even yoga done as poorly as I do it, is good for you. I’m going to put that on my bucket list, too, more yoga. 🙂

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