Winter Reflections from Inside a Snow Globe

  Still snowing, although the weather app says differently. My husband says not too far past our house the snow has melted and the roads are clear. I think we live inside a snow globe.
Yesterday, I realized that I use my library card(s) more than I use my credit card. Maybe part of the reason is because I’m walled inside this snow globe. But then, no, the library cards would still win out. I’m reminded of the foreign film, “The Wall”. No, not the Pink Floyd movie. 
I also came to the conclusion that I check Goodreads far more than I check Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Winter Reflections from Inside a Snow Globe

  1. A lovely way of looking at the snow–have felt the same all winter. Books are a light and warmth. What are you reading?

      1. Goodreads panel here too…although I forget to update. Wrangling with Frankenstein and a bunch of cozy mysteries.

  2. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG because the author uses her library card more than her credit card! This folks is WINNING!

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