Last Day Free

Amazon Link for Jessica Lost Her Wobble

This is the last day for the free download of my book, Jessica Lost Her Wobble, the Kindle Version.

I download lots of Kindle books. I also buy lots of hard and paperback versions of books. About half of what is in our bookshelves are unread. We have lots of bookshelves in our house.

imgresThe main reason is I believe I’m saving them for the rainy day or for some disaster that may happen, wiping out the internet and/or electricity. One of my most favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone was one of the earliest shows, Time Enough at Last. You might recognize the episode from the picture.

2 thoughts on “Last Day Free

  1. I stockpile books too! I am planning on retiring soon and I want to have a lot of books to keep me busy!! since I won’t have much money to live on, i better stock up now! but then there is always the library, one is just down the street from where I live, a tiny county library with only one room and a small addition with four computers! but it has access to the state wide exchange so, its all good! But I do love books!! much peace and light to you. 🙂 Michelle

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