Snowmaggedon 2016

img_0846First deep snow walk of 2016. Yes, that’s me. My husband was taking the picture. I was trying to lift my foot out long enough to show off my pedicure. Useless. At last measure it was ten inches and still coming down. Twenty degrees. I don’t last long in that temperature – two minutes tops. I lasted a little over three minutes in an ice bath. Cold showers, ten minutes.  #WimHofMethod   We are practicing something called the Wim Hof Method. It involves walking barefoot in the cold among other things. It’s been one of the best things we’ve ever did. We started it in October. Work was called off for my husband. We enjoyed a veggie burger with sprouts that I had made and split pea soup. img_0837

5 thoughts on “Snowmaggedon 2016

  1. Brrrrrr! ❄️❄️. Looks cold! ❄️❄️. Here it is 11 degrees celsius and I am sitting under a blanket freezing! But the food looks soooo delicious! 😊💖😊💖

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