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imgresA cashier at Trader Joe’s asked where we lived. I will correct that to an associate at Trader Joe’s asked where we lived. I don’t want to be politically incorrect. We live in a small town that no one has ever heard of, well, until just recently. I blurted out we are from Kim Davis Country. Should that be a new territory?

I believe, make that we, live in the bizarre universe, the one that has turned upside down, the one that is confused, mislead, totally out of sync. Bonkers. Topsy Turvy.

I don’t say this lightly. I look out and see madness, craziness, pure insanity. I don’t think this is a new thing. I think it has been going on for thousands of years. Teachers were sent – Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, to name the most prominent. But, we twisted their words, or at least pick and choose to suit our own purposes.

The cashier assistant asked what side we were on.

Mostly this whole issue has just brought up a lot of questions in my mind. Someone once told me they could do an impression of me. Naturally, I was curious. They began, “Why, why, why, why….” Well, you get the picture. I have more questions than answers. Maybe the theme song at Kim Davis’s release should have been Annie Lennox’s “Why,” instead of “Eye of the Tiger.” Somehow, that seems more appropriate, as well as more ironic.

The questions I’m about to raise aren’t in any order of importance. Putting an order on them would only result in more questions for myself.

  1. What does the Kentucky constitution actually say? If the Supreme Court ruled that DOMA was not justified, than was the law immediately removed from the constitution, or is it still on there in black and white? If so, when will it be removed? Will it be like the Abolition of Slavery? The Kentucky legislature didn’t go on record against slavery until 1976 – 111 years after the 13th Amendment prohibiting involuntary servitude became the law of the land. Will this matter take as long?
  1. Why are salaries so out of line in our country? Bill Maher tweeted that “Kim Davis makes 80,000. The average income of Rowan County is 13,888.” Actually, the latter figure seems low to me. After all, Morehead does have a hospital and a university. Then there are the public school teachers of the county. It is rather appalling in my opinion that a clerk should make more than a schoolteacher. Why does any political figure make so much money? They are called public “servants” are they not? If they made the same as schoolteachers I don’t think there would be so many of them. Maybe Kim’s salary is more in line with an evangelist. When will she have her own jet? How much did Jesus make? As much as Pat Robertson? That reminds me. I haven’t sent my donation in yet to John Oliver’s church.
  1. What version of the Bible is Kim Davis and her followers basing their prejudices on? The King James Version? I find this ironic, being that King James was purported to be a flaming gay.
  1. During this whole scenario, there have been articles condemning sodomy based marriages. My question is what marriage it actually based on sex of any kind? There are couples that quit having sex altogether after marriage. At any rate it usually greatly diminishes. Can’t she and her followers see same sex marriage in this case as a glass half full? Most marriages I see are based on mortgages, paying bills, insurance, having and raising children, and trying to get through the wedding plans unscathed. There is the stress of finding someone who will bake your cake, and worrying that the glue on the wedding invitations might kill you off before you get to the altar. Also, to be clear I looked up the definition of sodomy. It seems that oral copulation falls under the definition of sodomy. How many of us are guilty of that? In fact, oral sex is illegal in 18 states, including Washington, D.C. The article I read was dated 2006, so maybe this has changed. I was seriously surprised that Kentucky was not on the list. At any rate should most of us ask to be handcuffed and taken away? Or would asking for handcuffs be another form of deviant sex?
  1. Are we living in a democracy or a monarchy? First there was Kim Davis’s mother holding the position. And, her son currently works in the office. Will he inherit the throne?
  1. Some people bring up the divorce factor. I will concede that she wasn’t a born again Christian until after the divorces and remarriages. As I understand it all sins are forgiven after that. I am divorced and remarried myself. I certainly won’t cast any stones. Actually, I wouldn’t cast any stones regardless.
  1. Then there is the denim demise. I shouldn’t call it demise. It is still obviously alive and well in a lot of circles. I, too, was guilty of going through a denim phase. I will definitely keep my mouth shut there. As a wise man said, “And this too shall pass,” as all of this will.

One of my favorite quotes is by one our most favorite gays, Oscar Wilde; “The only difference between saints and sinners is that every saint has a past while every sinner has a future.” So, maybe there is hope for us all.

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