Stories from the Stacks

I belong to a writing group called Wicked Wordsmiths of the West. I discovered them through NaNoWriMo last November. Hard to believe, it is coming up again so soon. A year of writing flew by fast.

The writing group does a yearly anthology. This year the theme or setting is a library. Also, the name Burns must appear somewhere in each story. I have two stories in the book: “Master of the Stacks” and “The Wickham.”

“Master of the Stacks” is a progression of one man’s life, much of it centered around the library where his mother works. It is also about the Akashic Records.

“The Wickham” is a light-hearted attempt to combine Star Trek and “Pride and Prejudice.” I am a fan of both.

All proceeds from the sell of the book go to support the writing group, a non-profit organization. The book can be found on Amazon here:  Stories From the Stacks  P. S. I designed the book cover.

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