Short Story Book Cover

Along with the novel, “Jessica Lost Her Wobble,” I am also working on a book of short stories. This is my attempt at drawing my own cover.

“The Missing Butler” is the opening story. It is an expansion of the shorter story that I had entered into the NYC Midnight writing competition. I only did one round of the contest, but did receive Honorable Mention on the story.

Now, if only I can master the technical skills of Scrivener in order to get these two items published. Then on with the third novel, which is nearly completed.

Any suggestions on any of the above is most appreciated.

11 thoughts on “Short Story Book Cover

      1. No… not so young .57…..I always get told I dont look my age…and no face lifts just wish the body was the same LOL.

      2. Well… I just took a look at your photo and you definately dont look your age either..We must have been blessed with good genes. 🙂

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