Tractor at Edge of Field

While I wasn’t posting I somehow achieved over 500 followers. I think that may be a mere drop in the bucket for most, but for me it is quite amazing.


The reasons for my absence have mostly been good weather and the opportunity to work on outside things. I practiced my art of concrete mixing to make rocking a building go faster. My husband piled stone upon stone, while my job was to keep the concrete coming and advise him on which rocks to place. The project required two trips out into the woods to acquire the rocks. That is always one of my favorite things to do. The building exterior finally got completed. But I always find rock projects to do. I’m thinking of a rock patio at this point. A dream is to rock the barn, but that would be massive.


Another thing we worked on was finishing the pond area. That is always an ongoing project, but the major stuff is now done. This past weekend we added some water plants and a couple of new fish, which I couldn’t resist, even though the fish we now have, Koi and Goldfish, are presently spawning, as far as we can tell.


Mostly, we wanted to get done with certain projects before our three-year-old grandson came to visit. We acquainted him with farm life while he was here. We visited my uncle’s farm, where he petted the horses. Then we took him to an Old MacDonald’s type farm. There were cows, goats, sheep, chicken, guineas, llamas, and dogs.


After he left, we spied a snapping turtle in the pond, not as big as the ones that had found their way there the previous years. They must have some telepathic communiqué that lets them know the fish are spawning. We had built to pond with steep sides to prevent this. We were fairly certain he or she couldn’t get out. My husband scooped him up in the net and moved him to the back pond where we hope he or she will stay. We have started feeding him or her the fish food.


While rocking the building I sat in the grass between concrete mixings. I gazed off into the distance at the field and saw some trees I wanted to draw. I didn’t get them the way I wanted. Instead, it somehow ended up being all about the tractor in the foreground. We use the tractor to haul rocks from the woods.


Later, more on the pond and the koi and goldfish.

One thought on “Tractor at Edge of Field

  1. Great to see you back and to see one of your lovely paintings again. 🙂 I know it can be difficult sometimes get time to do everything we want to do! Looks like you have been very busy and it sounds like a good type of busy. An interesting read. Thank you. Look forward to reading more about your gardening adventures, and also, to see another one of your delightful artworks, in your next post.
    All the best, Janette. 🙂

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