Slow and Steady

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Yesterday I treated myself to a pair of new hiking shoes. Well, the old ones were pretty shot. Plus, they weren’t waterproof. Since the winter it has been almost constantly wet. I have been wading across a lot of creeks.


Also, today marks the beginning of something for me, something I’m taking one day at a time. Maybe seeing five turtles on the trail this morning was a sign.


Early on into the trail I passed one turtle. I didn’t take a picture. I passed another turtle. Still, I didn’t take a picture. Shortly, thereafter, I came upon two turtles together. A sign. Take a picture.


Then yet another turtle about half way into the two-mile trek.


When I got back I looked up the meaning or omen of seeing a turtle. I already new it meant longevity. The main thing I read was slow and steady. I concluded that is what it would take in what I am beginning today. There would be no easy route. The turtle is also persistent and sure. In the long run it is the turtle that wins the race. I am determined to win this one.


As for seeing five turtles, I look to the meaning of the number five in numerology. I used to dabble a bit in numerology. I see the number five as meaning change. It is also constructive freedom.

I do feel a time of change, and I hope it is constructive.


Yesterday, as we were taking our groceries out to the car, my husband spied a duck buried in the grass next to our car. It appeared to be nesting there. It was my husband who first saw the duck, so I think the sign was more for him. In looking up the meaning of a duck, two words popped out – transition and honesty.



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