Pyramids and Ultrasounds

This morning one of the first things that came to my mind was an ultrasound. It was mostly the shape and how it resembled a pyramid. Maybe I am stretching this a bit.

I am one of those who believe that the pyramids are much older than history records them as being. Edgar Cayce put them at around 10,000 years old, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, that is.


Why an image of an ultrasound came up in my mind this morning I don’t know. For some reason I’m associating birth with the pyramids. Pyramids are said to give off certain frequencies or harmonics. I equate vibration with creation. In the beginning there was the “word.” Word is sound.

Edgar Cayce also said that levitation was used in the building of the pyramids. Certain vibrations can nullify the force of gravitation. Legends exist that Tibetan monks are still able to use vibration for the purpose  of levitation.


I think that sound can both create and cure. For the last couple of months my husband and I have been chanting AUM. Whether I am doing it exactly right I don’t know. But, I have noticed differences – good differences.

images-1imagesOne such difference was that one day I walked into a department store seeing this pair of boots on sale. The boots had a bent toe and heels. For a couple of decades I’ve been confined to flat duck-like shoes, because of a toe injury. My right toe has been beyond bendable. Why I even bothered to try them on is a mystery. Unbelievable! My toe bent into them. I wore them with no pain. Okay, there was just a touch of pain, but it dissolved. I was so thrilled. I got to be a little taller. I’m short. Afterward, my husband told me that he had noticed more flexibility in my foot over the past month. He rubs my feet a lot. As an experiment when we first started the AUM, I tried to direct it towards my toe.

I have also noticed an improvement in digestion. Maybe I should be knocking on wood at this point.

So, while I can’t say for certain this is what happened, I don’t dare miss chanting AUM or meditating on a daily basis. I would feel lost without either, or that somehow my day was not complete. It sort of falls into the category of brushing my teeth. I would feel yucky if I didn’t.

There are many theories on what the pyramids were used for. One theory is an energy system. They were scattered all over the earth at certain places on the grid. Possibly they were a more sophisticated version of our cell towers. They could have emitted vibrations that kept both the planet and its inhabitants in perfect health and harmony. In that case, cell towers may be a bad analogy.

So, these are the bizarre thoughts that go through my mind.



8 thoughts on “Pyramids and Ultrasounds

  1. I also believe that they are older, or at least construction of the necropolis started much earlier than we suspect. One theory was that it was build during the age of Leo, and the Sphinx’s head was really a lions head. The theory is tied together with the theory that it was carved during the age of Leo, which was what Cayce thought.

    I’ve read this book and found it to be fascinating:

      1. Speaking of oral tradition, there’s a book called Hamlet’s Mill that speaks of that. I find it all so very interesting!

  2. Very interesting. Ultrasound is high frequent sound waves. So you’re closer than you think. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. You have a fascinating blog and I’m following you too and look forward to your posts. Sound does heal.

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