Monet’s Boat

2015/02/img_1044.jpgI worked on this piece this morning. I got a little carried away I think. They never turn out they way I intend. I need to work on my trees. The Impressionists are my favorite artists.


12 thoughts on “Monet’s Boat

      1. First I did it through an English friend. But I also took he line editing which was a very good idea! They not only check the spelling and grammar but also the sense and make notes. They are amazing!!!

  1. Hi arthursdaychild, I love that it’s atmospheric, and both restful and energizing at once – some feat! I reposted it to Pinterest and FB so I hope you don’t mind? BTW, has your arthursdaychild name anything to do with the Guinness music fest that ran in Dublin for a couple of years?

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