Fall Projects and Becoming Bonafide

IMG_0687It’s autumn and time for some new projects. More exercise is hopefully one of them. I’ve vowed to read more and one easy way to do it is atop my exercise bike. I logged twenty miles yesterday while reading. I’m both a slow reader and bicycler. The bike sits next to the window, and I look out at all the leaves that needs raking and swept off the deck. That will be a massive project. There may be one last riding lawn mower run as I use it to mulch leaves this weekend.

We now have new tires to go on the front of the tractor. We are always in need of rocks, right now to finish off the green house. We also need firewood. So, I’m sure we will spend time out in the woods this weekend as well.

And, then there is Nanomowri which begins in November. I did it last year and plan to do it again. I actually finished a book last year but have yet to publish. It is still in need of more editing. Nevertheless I entered it in a contest, the William Faulkner Society for writers. I didn’t win, but did end up on the short list for finalists which gave me hope. Still, I’m reluctant to call myself a writer. Maybe I should take a more positive attitude on that.

I’m sitting in a coffee house now, taking advantage of their high speed internet for blogging. At home our internet is iffy. It wasn’t existent at all last night. I had also wanted to start doing a blog post everyday, but wasn’t able to last night because of the internet being out.  I’m quite lazy about that. I feel like I have to have a picture for every blog post. That is the visual artist in me.

Everyday since I have committed myself to this year’s Nanowrimo characters have been calling out to me. Luckily I have a sense of direction for this next bit of writing. The story will be set in France. That was my plan even before we decided to go to France. Funny how these things work out.

Our place is quiet which luckily lends itself to writing. I wonder how other writers approach writing. When I write I get so involved in my characters. It’s like entering a different world everyday, like visiting a different place or time, without any of the hassles of travel. On some days, depending on what is flowing out of me, and I admit that a lot of it is bits and pieces of me, intertwined in fiction, it is like entering a soap opera. The characters become real in my mind, and even my heart to some extent.

I remember Holly Hunter’s character in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” using the term bonafide to refer to a proper marriage candidate. I’m working towards being a bonafide writer.

If anyone wants to join me this November in writing: http://nanowrimo.org/

2 thoughts on “Fall Projects and Becoming Bonafide

  1. I like having a picture with my blog. I usually just write short little poems, but I think it helps clarify my meaning.
    I never sit down with the intention of writing. I will either see something in another blog that gives me some new idea or I might be working a crossword puzzle and come across a word that stirs something in me. lol
    Not too serious of a writer. 🙂

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