Splurging in Nice

That’s me in the far right corner (backside – best view). I’m really pleased with my hair. We splurged while in Nice. We walked past so many beauty shops (American term), and we both needed hair cuts. I usually cut my own and color my own. I haven’t been to a beauty shop in years. Sometimes I cut my husbands. Still he may go 3 times a year.

It was a real treat. There were three ladies in the shop. One spoke English. There was a lady for cutting, one for washing and one for coloring. We only had shampoos and cuts. With the shampoo you got a massage. While you waited for the cut you were given tea or espresso with a cookie. The lady had me stand for the cut. I said this is not the way they do it in America. She said their way was better. I will have to agree. There was a lot of pampering. Most of the customers appeared to be men. My husband had no complaints.


4 thoughts on “Splurging in Nice

  1. Nice hair!

    I know. I am originally a hairdresser by profession. Standing for a haircut such as yours makes it easier to cut and easier on the hairdressers back!

    Oddly enough, the book I have just finished writing is partially based in Nice.

    1. Thanks! I’m not good at keeping up my hair though, nor make-up or any of that stuff. I wear rags most of the time and stay out in the woods a lot. So, I sort of felt like a princess that day as all my clothes were new, including the purse, and all together they cost about the same as the hair cut and wash. Paris has some great bargains in clothing.

      But, I am really interested in your book. Can you tell me more? I have just started Nanowrimo and am basing my book in France. And, it’s nothing odd. Life is full of synchronicity.

      1. The book is a humorous satire called The Pourne Identity.and follows the exploits of marine biologist, Jensen Pourne, who lives in Nice and is found floating in the Mediterranean Sea.

        My South African publisher is looking for Nano authors and has encouraged all those doing the Nanowrimo to submit their finished work.
        If you are interested, send it in. Might be just what she’s looking for?


        The submission tab is on the header.
        The senior contact is Lyz Rossouw.

        Lyz also blogs on WordPress.


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