A Conversation in Nice

We didn’t know what they were when we first saw them, but was immediately struck by their presence, seven monumental men sitting in Buddha like poses atop poles rising to the sky. They sat in meditative poses radiating spiritual awareness in one of Nice’s busiest and most commercial spots, Massena Square. They were created by Jaume Plensa, a Spanish artist specializing in monumental  art.

IMG_1317 IMG_1309

A night these serene beings, seven of them, representing the seven continents,  light up, changing colors to emulate a dialogue taking place between them. The name of this creation is “Conversation a’ Nice.”

Just off to the side is another feature of Massena Square, a truly magical place, is an area one can walk through and be sprayed with gentle mists of water. It certainly adds to the ambiance of the men atop poles in repose.

I believe we need more of these men as well as women on every continent as a reminder that we are all bound together.

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