The Continuing Saga of Harry Potter


photoRecently we did a Harry Potter marathon. Neither Chris nor I had read the books, and we had forgotten what had happened in most of the movies. We recently celebrated our 12th anniversary, and our first movie date was Harry Potter. So, we decided to start from scratch and revisit the world of Harry Potter. We would either read the book or listen on audio, and then watch the movie together.

As we were doing that everything around us seemed to be coming up Harry Potter. You know how those coincidences work. We just happened to go to the post office, a rare thing, and on the door was a notice that they were selling Harry Potter stamps, the only thing on the door. I noticed that The Colbert Report made reference to Harry Potter on a couple of shows – the only shows I happened to watch during that time. One was in an interview with Patrick Stewart. Yes, and it does seem odd that he didn’t get a part in any of the Harry Potter movies.

I also thought why didn’t Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) get a role. I thought he could have had a bit part as a substitute teacher, doing roll call. He could have filled in for Lupin on the day he was turning into a werewolf. When he got to Potter, he would say, Potter, Potter, Potter (that would actually be a take off on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). Longbottom would say, “Sir, he is off fighting death eaters.” Atkinson, “Well if he survives tell him he must have an excuse from his parents.” Longbottom, “Sir his parents are dead.” Atkinson, that snarl he does.

This morning I was wondering what might have happened to all of the characters, especially Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. You know those facebook quizzes you take which asks which character are you? I actually don’t think they are very accurate. Ellen DeGeneres took one on which comedian are you and was someone else. I think I would definitely be Luna Lovegood, as I definitely follow the beat of a different drummer. I think Chris would be Neville Longbottom, because I see both as loyal friends, supportive, very capable although not taking the lead role, and as a character that exemplifies struggling into coming into his own and feeling very comfortable in his own shoes. I would like to think he and Luna are a good match.

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