On Friday I attempted a Thai curry. I was pleased as was Chris. On Saturday and Sunday we worked on plowing and tilling the garden, Chris on the tractor, me behind the tiller. Each year we make it bigger.

The long hard winter and deer did a number on some of last year’s plantings. We worked on planting shrubs around the house. I’m thinking more shrubs and small trees of differing colors and less flowers as they are more work is the way to go. I’m hoping that will be easier maintenance.  The greenhouse is now getting functional to some degree. Now to keep the deer out of the garden. We haven’t quite worked that out yet.


2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. That curry looks delicious! I do not have a major problem with deer but did with a raccoon one year in the corn. I am planning to make an extension of my regular livestock fence with deer net and using pvc pipes on some tpoles to make a really tall fence. I found the netting catches snakes when it goes to the ground. Tanks for following my blog. I will follow yours and look forward for some more wonderful posts like this one and the story about Sally.

  2. Oooo lovely looking curry! You might have to resort to deer proof fencing. We had to build a fully enclosed veggie garden and even that doesn’t stop the rats :(. Oh well, the things we do to have a garden and to grow food eh? 😉

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