11 thoughts on “Front Yard – A Lot of Work for Some Simple Leisure

  1. I LOVE that redbud (or is it a tree pansy?) Gorgeous and you guys should both be incredibly proud of yourselves. You have certainly created a lovely place to spend time outdoors 🙂

      1. I am sure it is a redbud. They have those peculiar heart shaped coloured leaves :). I love witch hazels and crepe myrtles. We have a crepe myrtle here and lilacs are very hardy things that possums don’t seem to like. Lovely garden with lots of lovely scented things in there and colour from the beautiful flowers kudos on your choices whether you know what they are or not 😉

  2. That is so lovely! Hard work, yes, but so rewarding and for so long . . . Are those seats suspended so they swing? I have friends with one of those and we used to go to sauna and then sit and swing while we cooled off . . . ~ Linne

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