Ponds and Waterfalls




20130715-124720.jpgThese are pictures of our front pond.  On July 4th we began digging to extend it a little.  Our ponds are always evolving, hopefully not devolving.  Several years ago we saw the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.  That has always been such an inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Ponds and Waterfalls

  1. It’s beautiful Gerri :). I bet it makes you feel lovely and cool in the hot summer months just to look at it. There is something about water that is both cooling and soothing at the same time. Looks like hard work there and I don’t envy Chris at all 😉

  2. Jeri, the pond is so pretty. I wish that it were mine. HOw lucky you are to have a husband that loves things the same as you. The pond and waterfall should attract various birds which is a wonderul bonus for your property.

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