Chips Ahoy


20130713-191957.jpgWe were outside eating dinner and Chris said chips ahoy, thus the title.  I can fix some weird dinners.  Tonight it was Bocca chicken patties with a chutney sauce along with kale chips, zucchini chips, and potato chips inspired by  In my opinion the ingredients for successful chips are parchment paper, sea salt, mixed pepper, a little olive oil, and nutritional yeast.  I did not use it on the potato chips as they were good alone, and that would have been overkill.

This year or at least this summer we are living a little more off the land.  The kale, zucchini, and potatoes came from our garden.  Our lunch of a salad consisted of lettuce and cucumbers from the garden, and the blackberry cobbler we had for dessert from yesterday’s post was made from blackberries picked on the farm.  We picked a new batch today.  That was going well until the tractor (we were also working on the trails as we went along) disturbed a yellow jacket nest.  I was stung only once luckily.  It still hurts.  Most fortunately Chris wasn’t stung at all.  He is highly allergic.  While out picking, though, a new idea for the farm came, “Blackberry Fields Forever.”

The peaches are small, but it is the first batch ever from our peach tree.  Earlier we had some blueberries from a very small bush that we have.  The birds kept getting the later yields.


6 thoughts on “Chips Ahoy

  1. Your potato chips look delicious and at least you got Chris to leave yours alone long enough to take a photo ;). I love reading about other people’s harvests and how clever they are at using them. You are certainly cooking up a delectable storm with your harvest :).

  2. Your meal looks delicious, I tend to grab whatever is on hand now that I prepare meals only for myself, I need to start preparing more foods ( I tend to just eat the whole food raw) so I don’t drool over pictures of beautiful simple meals. I am looking forward to our peaches coming in so enjoy yours for me.

    1. I tend to do the easy thing myself, but rather than grabbing raw I go for chips or something….even though they may be organic, veggies would be much better. Chris inspires me to cook. On the days that I take the time to prepare a really good lunch for myself I feel really good about life. I do love sprouts, and I’m in the process of sprouting right now….had some yesterday on my Bocca chicken patty (fake chicken).

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