Sidetracked by Summer

I begin the trail in from our back yard.  This is our fish pond in back.
I begin the trail in from our back yard. This is our fish pond in back.

I tend to become missing in action from the world of blogging at times, particularly in times when the great outdoors calls.  In most instances it is just my backyard calling.  On nice days I even move my yoga mat outside to the grass.  But today it is raining.

I have been taking pictures intermittently while out on the trail.  Soon we hope to do a time lapse version.  After a good rain, which may be the case now, would be the best times as the creeks and waterfalls should be active.  Currently they are rather bland.  However there are pros and cons in both cases.  Dry creeks make rock hunting much more favorable.

Below are some trail pics and sights along the way.


10 thoughts on “Sidetracked by Summer

  1. I can only begin to thank goodness that most Northerners are thinking like you this weekend as I only had 700 RSS blog posts to catch up on after my extended stay at my daughters this weekend ;). Lovely photos and no wonder you want to be out in it all :). I would to. Blogs are for winter 😉

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