Trail Time

20130530-091320.jpgWe have been spending time working on the trails around our house.  We hope to get most of it to the point where we can take the tractor in for easier maintenance.  There will be some rerouting to follow in order to get the tractor though, as we don’t wish to cut any trees.  Possibly we could get 70% of the trail tractor worthy.

Yesterday I walked the entire length of what we have in trails thus far, tracking it with GPS, and20130530-091401.jpg20130530-091433.jpg20130530-091345.jpg20130530-091418.jpg taking pictures only a short distance of the way.  There are some very steep hills, and as you can see it took me a while.  I was so exhausted.  Eventually, and hopefully soon, we want to make a time lapse movie of the trail.

Our dogs, Barney and Binka walk with me, but even they got wore out before completion yesterday.  I found them waiting for me back at the house.

16 thoughts on “Trail Time

  1. Beautiful trails! When it says “1,266.4 under ‘gain’, is that from the lowest point on the trail to the highest or is it elevation above sea level? A fair bit, either way. How long did it take to walk?
    Thanks for the photos; always helps me to ‘see’ what people are talking about. ~ Linne

  2. I can completely see why you love your trails now. I would be out there constantly! When I was a child (before I turned 10 and we moved) we lived on a 100acre farm that bordered on the sea. I had the BEST childhood, poor as a churchmouse and barefoot but I knew every single inch of that 100 acres and I loved it all. I now understand why you are obsessed by your trails :).

    1. I think having wooded areas near the sea would be the best of both worlds. When I was young we had woods behind our house and I lived there only coming in to eat and sleep. I would build teepees and pretend to be an Indian. Once Chris and I hiked in Oregan, part of the Lewis and Clark Trail, a very mountainous area above the sea. It was gorgeous, and such big trees.

      1. There is something amazing about just being out in nature isn’t there? It actually feeds your soul, something that most modern people forget to do on a regular basis and that’s part of why everyone is so unhappy most of the time. We forget the simple pleasures of being out there in nature 🙂

  3. I lingered a while, just staring at the photo, .. It’s been such a while (2 yrs) since my Border Collie Bess, passed away, . and she and I used to walk trails such a this one.. food for the soul, nature rambles, and such happy times. x…

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