Yesterday’s Picks

We planted a lot of kale.  Hope to make some kale chips today.  I used the cilantro which is growing back from last year’s plantings in some hummus which was for lunch along with the salad greens picked the day before.  And for supper I tried to make an eggplant lasagna.  It was great, but I’m not sure I would term it lasagna, other than the fact that it was layered.  I would call it a casserole.  It consisted of eggplant, potatoes, onions, portabella mushrooms and cheese, which we were able to enjoy outside.  We have so much lettuces, kale and spinach.  It looks like they might be included in every meal.



3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Picks

  1. I agree with Wendy…YUMMO! No cheese for this little black duck but I could think of several things to replace it with including that cheezy cauliflower alfredo low fat sauce that is doing the rounds of the vegan confraturnity right now…might be what I am going to have for my tea tonight 🙂 lovely greens 🙂

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