The First Bite is the Hardest

At 9:30 AM this morning I came off my juice fast which was 3 days.  You could say four days if raw food can be included since I had a salad and a banana the first day.  I went through lots of detox symptoms.  I waited until later in the morning to eat because I just wasn’t hungry.  I made orange juice in the juicer this morning.  Then when I ate I had toast with coconut oil and green tea.  To satiate my desire for food, I found an outlet in cooking for my husband.  I even made him homemade ice cream, not even a lick for myself.

One of the dishes I made my husband.
One of the dishes I made my husband.

The above dish is oven baked french fries, topped with cheese, tomatoes, and green onions.

Sadly, I don’t own my weight.  I step on the scales in the morning, and my husband looks and records it inside an envelope.  He said I lost 5.1 pounds over all.  My husband can eat and eat and eat and not gain a pound, that is as long as he works a lot outside, which he is always doing.  In fact he stepped on the scales to find he had lost ten plus pounds.  There is almost never leftovers in our house.

Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea

We even went to Starbucks.  While my husband had his frap, I had herbal tea.  I think that is allowed on a juice fast.  Also, wouldn’t you know that they would be having the half price fraps now.  I hope to take advantage of that one in four days, when I come off my dairy fast.  I’m just not into soy drinks.

I’m really kind of sick of green juices at the moment.  This was the juice I sipped on yesterday throughout the day.  It had a variety of things, but mostly spinach.

Green Juice
Green Juice


22 thoughts on “The First Bite is the Hardest

  1. I always get hungry when I read your posts 🙂 Your dishes are beautiful and I enjoy the content. Congratulations on your continued success. I smiled when you made ice cream and not even a little taste for yourself, more will power than me, love ice cream. I found that I’m losing about 1-2 pounds per week by eating more, which is odd to me, but I guess eating often, increases metabolism. I eat 5-6 small meals per day now (mostly veggies), minimize the fat and dairy, higher than usual protein because I work out and generally 40% raw intake. Since, I’m steadily losing and I feel sooo much better. I’ll have to try a detox, see how it goes. Anyway, just stopping in to say hello and let you know I’m a fan of your posts; I don’t comment as often as I should. It’s good to see families working together to help reach goals, congrats ~Scott

  2. I should add what works for me, eating smart involves no special diet but a smaller plate, smaller servings and not depriving myself. Exercise, I walk miles.

    1. Compared to my husband my portion is very small. I walk at least 3 miles per day and do yoga. We have hiking trails and we work on them, very hilly. I started running mid thirties, but quit because of an injury. I started walking about 12 years ago. But I also have a tendency to stop and restart things, so I’m always having to rebuild my strength each time.

      1. I hear you. I sympathize with you. Perhaps if we just keep working hard to maintain the rest will take care of itself. I just feel that fasting and messing around with fad diets just doesn’t work. Its too hard on a persons body. But cheers to you if it works!! Maybe accepting ourselves for the way we are would be a better first step….?

    1. Actually, yes….found nothing. I’m actually not one to go to the doctor at all. He was a friend and insisted on giving me a thorough going over. I do have digestion problems (ulcers) which I think accounts for a lot of it, so I avoid certain things that aggravate my stomach, like any form of cooked tomato, but raw tomatoes are fine, alcohol which I hardly ever have anyway, and oily foods. I’m going to try magnesium…I think I’m lacking there. And, I do notice a difference when I take it. There is also an herb that I take for the ulcer thing, and there is a big difference when I take it, but I am so bad about remembering to take supplements, because usually I feel pretty good, so of course, I don’t remember to take them then.

      1. From what I’ve read, the process is lengthy, and the success rate is very low. And, I have this white coat syndrome. The ulcer thing is much better than it used to be. I used to live on pepto-bismol, and we haven’t even had that in the house for a year at least. But, you got me to thinking, and I’m going to take natural steps to avoid future flare-ups, so thanks much.

  3. I really need to pull out my juicer and do a fast myself. I keep making excuses, it’s too hard to find enough organic produce right now, maybe when the local gardens can provide me with enough at a reasonable price…..i just can’t make myself juice non organic produce, I mean what’s the point in that? Your husbands bowl of fries looks delicious.

  4. I’ve tried doing one of those 3 day detox juice diets as seen on Dr. Oz….I lasted a day and a half. I just didn’t like the taste of some of the drinks. Fortunately for me, hubby battles his weight also. So when I “get on the program” we do it together. He of course always looses more weight than me. Thanks for sharing. I’m inspired to try another detox!

    1. I didn’t follow the recipes. I like to cook with ginger but don’t like it in the juices. I just put in a variety of stuff and sweeten with apples. I don’t even like sweet drinks but need it with the green juices. Also, I couldn’t even drink as many that were called for. And a few times I just made straight orange and pineapple juice. Except for cucumbers everything I used was organic. If you need any cheering on let me know!

  5. Steve is the same as your husband…all he has to do is walk the dog in the morning and he eats chocolates, crisps (chips) and sweets and biscuits (cookies) whenever he wants and remains rake thin. I just have to sniff the biscuit barrel and I get an extra inch on my thighs ;). At least we sisterhood can commiserate together 🙂

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