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20130502-135931.jpgIt’s May and time for another resolution.  In March it was about yoga.  In April it was about walking.  Thus far I’m on track with both of those resolutions, and there were a few times I really had to make myself keep them up.  So, what for May.  I have a seriously bad dairy habit.  I over indulge with the chai lattes.  So, I’m doing my best to give up dairy for the next ten days.  I’ve managed almost two days now.  So, technically, I’ve been vegan for these two days.

I’ve been away from blogging for a few days.  It’s just too nice outside.  I’ve started to walk the trails again and mow the lawn, etc.  My husband is really more of the gardener than I am.  I love flowers but we have a real problem with our dogs trampling over them and making 20130502-182751.jpgthem into a bed.  We’ve tried a few things, mostly fishing line, which really didn’t work.  During meditation an idea popped into my head about how to solve the problem.  We laid out fencing over the flowered areas just high enough that it would create a problem for them to run through it.  It would be uncomfortable for them to lie in.  The flowers could grow through it and fairly soon into the growing season wouldn’t even be visible, or at least too visible.


With the nicer weather we don’t miss an opportunity to eat out on the deck.  Tonight’s dinner was salad (romaine, cabbage, artichokes, sprouts, olives, tempeh, sunflower seeds, walnut oil, pepper and sea salt) and sweet potato fries. I’m especially proud of the sprouts that I’ve been making.  They’ve been going on as many dishes as it seems appropriate.  We have sweet potato plants ready to go into the ground.  We finally got the green house covered in plastic.  Eventually, we want it to be glass.




10 thoughts on “This and That

  1. A lovely positive post full of the ripeness and possibilities of spring :). Have you tried using some of the nut milks in your chai latte’s just until you get over your dairy lust? They are certainly a nice creamy luxurious taste and even though they might have a bit of fat in them, they are just a transition between dairy and non-dairy that might make the swapsies a bit less of a problem. I know that when I first went vegan (about 17 years ago now!) I used lots of recipes for non dairy cheezes and used a lot of plant based “creams” etc. to give back that mouthfeel that you lose with dairy. You can do it! Seriously, try the nut milks, they will make your chai latte sing 🙂

      1. Maybe coconut milk/cream? Good luck with the fast. I don’t “do” fasts any more. When I was younger I fasted 21 days on water once. I wasn’t all that impressed with the results to be honest and can’t see how juicing would help but it can put a break in a few days and help to develop new habits 🙂

      2. I fasted on water for 21 days and didn’t lose a single ounce. I don’t think it’s good for you to fast for an extended time like that. I figure once a fortnight or maybe a month…there are lots of places in the world where people fast on regular occasions and seem to do alright 🙂

      3. When I stopped dieting I started to lose weight. I just ate wholesome foods, walked every day for an hour and my weight slowly but steadily came off. I think societies hangups on weight loss and fat are all a diet industry way to keep us hitched to the money train. I don’t diet, I lost weight. Nuff said! 😉 Enjoy that green tea frap on the 11th 🙂

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