7 thoughts on “Red Head

  1. You are SO talented! I tried to freehand a “hand” on our new drawing pen and it looked more like Earl :(. I think you have to have a degree of talent to do what you are doing but that isn’t going to stop me trying ;). Love your work and you are inspirational to we beginners 🙂

  2. I love this! I had a drawing pen on a former computer, but didn’t do much with it. No time back then . . . maybe in the future. And Narf, my friend, if you really want to learn to draw, get hold of Betty Edwards’ “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. I’ve seen several people do all the exercises over 12 weeks and end up with professional quality work. One lady who took my then-husband’s class based on the book (he is a professional artist) started out drawing faces that looked like a smiley face. 12 weeks later she had a commission to do a portrait of a family of five!! A friend of ours was given the book for Christmas, did all the work and now does gorgeous drawings and sells them. It’s not about the pencil (if you can write your signature, you can draw! That IS drawing!!), it’s about seeing! I’ll have to add that title to my Books page . . .

    Thanks for sharing your work; I love seeing what you do!

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