When Thoughts Synchronize

IMG_0006I find more and more my thoughts form something real, if anything is real at all.  Isn’t science now finding that we actually do live in a matrix?  Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”  If only my thoughts were of a more profound nature.  Right now I’m thinking my kitchen looks like a cyclone hit it and that I need to get up and clean it.

I also think every thought is a prayer, and that every prayer gets answered.  The problem is that we waffle back and forth on our thoughts so much, the answer changes with the thoughts.

Mostly my thoughts are simple.  Yesterday I began thinking about my name. We were going on a small trek out of town yesterday.  While in the car I asked my husband if he ever noticed how my family always said my first and middle name together, as if it were one word?  My full first and middle name is Jerri Lynn.  The people in the newer phases of my life just call me Jerri (actually pronounced jera), that’s another story – something my father did who named me.  I didn’t know people made up names in Starbucks, until one day I heard a bunch of teenage girls in front of me discussing the names they were going to use.  I had a roommate in college over thirty years ago who did that at a local pizza joint.

IMG_0007IMG_0008Our trek out of town mostly involved a trip to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, a rare treat for us.  Right after checking out at Whole Foods, my husband asked me if I noticed the name on the check out girl’s badge.  I went back to look.  It was Jerilyn, one word.  I told her my name.  We both thought that happening was rather unique.

It must have been a name day.  We were in another shop, and someone asked me to spell my last name.  She was rather flabbergasted and told me her last name, nearly identical.  We both discussed how people had the same problem pronouncing them.  So, I basically have a full name that defies pronunciation.  I do love how my parents pronounced my name, but am not particularly fond of the spelling.  At the same time, I think everything is for a reason.

I’ve been wondering (thinking) lately about why there has to be so many ingredients in bread.  We usually steer clear of foods that list zillions of ingredients we can’t pronounce.  We walked into Trader Joe’s.  The first think I saw was a display of bread, boasting only three organic ingredients.  I thought I had found bread heaven.  And, the half loaves were huge.  The three ingredients were whole wheat, filtered water and sea salt.  I wasn’t even aware that you could make this sort of non-flat bread without yeast.  We had some for breakfast this morning, and it tasted great.

The weather is nice out today, so on to gardening and hopefully some rock gathering.  I have been thinking I would love to have a huge waterfall out in the eastern part of the field.  I will let you know if that thought comes to fruition.

9 thoughts on “When Thoughts Synchronize

  1. I just found a great new blog, thanks to you: Gypsy Life, with the post on an Aussie Heritage Town and amazing photos. You may want to try making your own Artisanal Bread: the Vintage Hearth blog has a great recipe! ~ Linne

  2. It sounds like your mind is doing a lot of wandering and questioning at the moment…life is full of possibilities isn’t it? I can’t wait to see what you do with those rocks. Might even stir our lazy bones to do something and change a frown (rocks) and turn it upside down (dry rock wall? 😉 ). Cheers for a most interesting post and coincidences are amazing aren’t they? 🙂 It just goes to remind us that we might think that we are unique individuals but we are really part of a larger picture that is completely interconnected and we are only 7 degrees away from Kevin Bacon! (now THAT is another story! 😉 )

  3. I have not met many people with my name it’s more old-fashioned than the norm now. I like the pronunciation of your first name. I always thought the use of both first and middle names together was a southern thing, were your parents from the south?

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