Vegan Fifteen Minute Woking

20130405-071933.jpgI do a lot of stir fry.  It’s simple and I love using my wok which I’ve probably had for thirty years.  It’s also something that is quick, and sometimes I wait until about fifteen minutes before my husband comes home to start dinner preparation.  I’m usually waiting until the last minute to start dinner because I’ve probably just finished hiking and I just want to sit down for a moment.  So I turn on the television for the first time during the day and start getting involved in a program.  We only have Netflix.  I tend to find one program and watch all episodes until the end….not all in one sitting – over the course of  a month or more depending on the program.  I re-watched all the Star Treks, and a few others that didn’t have long life spans.  I’m currently on The Dead Zone.  Back to the cooking part.  With the wok it’s also something I can do where you can mostly throw in whatever you have in your refrigerator.  This was what we had last night.

I have no precise measurements, but I will do my best.

Brown Rice – prepare according to package

While rice is cooking, heat a little oil (I use safflower) in wok.  Throw in the following:

Chopped onion

Tablespoon of whole cumin

Cubed extra firm tofu (about half the package)20130405-071953.jpg

Two to Three stalks of curly kale – remove from stem

Some chopped cabbage

A sprinkle of unsalted sunflower seeds

About a fourth a cup of water to keep from burning.  I try to use very little oil.  It’s just a starter.

Don’t overcook.  The veggies should look vibrant.  I use medium high heat.

Serve over the brown rice, and use sea salt to taste.  Also, I recommend using organic ingredients.

This meal really tasted great.  It was one of those meals where you didn’t have to eat a lot to satisfy you.

10 thoughts on “Vegan Fifteen Minute Woking

  1. My daughters gave me something similar on my recent weekend with them although it had a decidedly Korean lien with kimchi and chopsticks :). I got 2 of these posts in my inbox and couldn’t see either of them so I just went back to the post prior to this one and clicked the linky at the bottom and “voila” here I am! :). My daughters had blackbean beef sauce on their stirfry and use water to saute their beef and my tofu (not together 😉 ) along with the black bean sauce. It was a great way to cook and my tofu was delicious. Cheers for reminding me that stir fries are quick, delicious, fully customisable and nutritious to the max and guess what we are going to have for tea tonight? 😉

      1. I watched Gok and have never looked back (with chopsticks) its easy peasy if you check out how the Chinese hold them 😉 I don’t get an option at my daughters, it’s chopsticks or the highway! 😉

  2. I make variations of this all the time, but not in a wok (mine is in a storage unit somewhere or other); I have a heavy pot that I use; I start with the bit of oil and ginger, etc., stir in the veggies hardest (carrots) first, then slowly add the others, softest (zucchini and red peppers) last. In goes a bit of broth or water, on goes the lid and voila!! yummy food in a few minutes. I use the Lundberg brothers’ Brown Basmati rice (’cause I LOVE it!), which takes about 45 minutes to cook. I put it on before I start anything else, then get out the veggies and proceed to chop, putting the results into various bowls. Then the cooking (and I wash the bowls as I go, giving the veggies a minute to grow tender before the next is added); best of all, the eating. I haven’t used tofu for a while, but now I will have to get some and do that. Sometimes I marinate the tofu in a mix of soya sauce, crushed garlic and chopped ginger before I put it in. MMMmmmmmmm.
    ~ Linne

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