The North Trail and Rocks

View at the beginning of the hike
View at the beginning of the hike


The North Trail, that is my name for one section of the trail.  It’s our newest section of trail, redone, with the tractor.  Trail work is a never ending job, so to make it easier, last year we rerouted one section of the trail where we could get the tractor through for easier maintenance.  Otherwise it is get out there with a weed eater at least a couple of times of year and a rake – it is slow going and hand blistering even with gloves.

I will admit that this is my first time out on the trail this year.  When the weather got cold I hibernated inside, well not totally.  We traveled twice since the new year to see our grandson, and worked on two grandiose house projects which totally

Some big rocks
Some big rocks

took every spare moment of time.

My muscles were sore afterward.  But, I decided that with the beginning of April that I would put in at least three miles of walking each day.  I found the trail to be in good shape after the winter rest.  There were only two trees down that had fallen across the trail, one of which will be nice firewood.  The weather was perfect for walking yesterday, and the sky was incredibly blue.  My picture taking skills are not the greatest.  My husband always reminds me that there is an editing feature.  The pictures taken here were done with an iphone, one of the older models.  I have resisted updating due to the cost.

Another outcropping of big rocks
Another outcropping of big rocks

Although I prefer lush greenness during a hike, this time of year is perfect for rock hunting.  I am rock crazy.  Luckily the supply never seems to end on our farm.  We have rocked a good portion of the house.  We use them for ponds.  We built a rock wall out front.  We still have two small buildings to rock.  And after that, possibly the barn.  We even rocked a floor for one section of the barn.  My uncle once asked if there were any rock left on Trough Camp.

While walking I was planning for our next rock gathering adventure which I hope we can fit in this weekend.  That involves hooking up the wagon to the tractor and loading it with as many as we can carry back.  And then there is garden preparation and planting also planned for this weekend.

Not far into the trail I grew tired of taking pictures.  That is my husband’s forte.

The following pictures will give you some idea of what we use the rocks for.

13 thoughts on “The North Trail and Rocks

  1. I am like you, always picturing what I can do with the items found naturally on the property here. I love your rock projects, it looks as if a landscaper did them, how much joy you must have knowing you did it yourself. That rock wall is amazing, I don’t think I would have ever tackled a job that large, it’s beautiful!!

      1. Isn’t that what husbands are for? 🙂 I love looking at your rock projects, that front pond is so far my favorite that I’ve seen. Please keep sharing as you continue to work with your rocks.

  2. Rock on!

    If I had rocks on my place, I would love hunting for them, too…and then using them for projects like you. Y’all have done some beautiful work with them. ❤

  3. Another thing that we share…a property FULL of rocks! ;). You would adore the pebble beaches around here…smooth round and oval pebbles worn to a delicious shine by the slow ebb and tide of the river. I can’t get enough of them and as a child of sandy beaches these pebbley beaches are the bomb! :). I love green as well but live in quite a dry place in summer so get used to that dry arid look in the back paddock. Kudos on your hiking for fitness. We don’t get a choice as it’s “walk the dogs” or suffer the bored beak of Earl and as you are loath to pay out for a new IPhone, we are loath to pay out for a new sofa! Earl has warned us…we need to take notice ;). Don’t walk at our own (and our sofa’s) peril! 😉 Have a great sunday 🙂

      1. Nothing wrong with updating the IPhone and you can send your old one off to benefit charity if you like :). We can do it through Planet Ark, not sure if you have an alternative like that over there but you probably do :). Lugging rocks certainly lets you know how hard you worked the second day! I know from experience and that’s why I am hesitant to do it again…same reason I waited 6 years between having my first child and having another one…”fool me once nature!” 😉

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