Our grandson, Wynn, 14 1/2 months, dressed for Easter.
Our grandson, Wynn, 14 1/2 months, dressed for Easter.

Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the year….January 1st.  I’ve chosen March 1st as my own new year and a time for making resolutions, although I don’t make them all at once.  That would just be too overwhelming.  So, I’ve decided to try making a new one at the beginning of each month.

March seems like a good time.  It is nearing Spring when everything comes to life, hopefully myself as well.  And, I am just not a cold season person.

On March 1st I started with yoga.  I vowed to do it everyday, a full routine, as best as I could, and not worry about the actual time I spend doing it.  In other words if my full yoga session which for me is an array of various sitting and standing poses happens to result in 35 minutes or one hour, it is okay, as long as I do my best in the poses.  I would term this resolution successful thus far, even through various schedule changes in which I could have made excuses.  We began March 1st traveling to see our daughter, son-in-law and grandson, a glorious start to the month of March.  Traveling can make resolutions difficult.

Now, on April 1st, I vow to walk, hike or do the elliptical each day.  I haven’t really thought as of yet whether I should say I should walk 3 miles per day or for a certain time each day as of yet.  Later I will get out there and just follow my instinct.  If it should happen to rain I will get on the elliptical and follow my gut as well.  In the wintertime I neglect my trail.  I prefer to be enveloped by the lush greenness rather than be exposed through the barren tree limbs.  That probably says something psychologically about me.

April 1st also started out on a good note.  For Easter weekend our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson were here.  They left for home this morning.  Before leaving for work, my husband told me I was a good grandma!

My overall goal is balance in all things.

2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. What a gloriously cheeky little grandson you have there! :). He looks like he is going to give you a run for your money when he gets big enough to get “into” things ;). Kudos on your goals. I think it is wise to skip the resolution thing at the beginning of the year because it’s simply following the crowd and is doomed to croak a sad death unless “you” want to do it. I decided to think of a word this year to symbolise what I want to do and have only just thought of my word. “Release”. I spent a few years dealing with both of my parents dying and a whole heap of stress (don’t EVER act as executor for one of your parents!) and feel like I am permenantly on edge after learning how to stress for a living for about 3 years. It’s time I gave it up as a bad lot ;). “Release” is my word for autumn and even though we are on opposite sides of the world, we are both taking advantage of “new starts” and “new beginnings” :). I like that… I really think that whenever we want to customise something for ourselves, we need to stop looking outside ourselves and measuring ourselves against the goals of society and the world in general. What matters to us is what goes on inside our 4 walls. Our own personal goals are what is important there and if that means yoga, or 30 minutes on an exercise bike (I envy you there…I have to walk rain or shine or Earl eats the furniture 😦 ) or just letting your body “walk” somewhere on its own whim, we have to enjoy the process and the moment. Kudos on your visit and your grandson looks like he was having a ball 🙂

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