Ponds, Rocks and Gardening

Water Lily in our front pond
Water Lily in our front pond




I look out the window and see flurries of snow.  Yet, I’m getting excited about Spring,

We decided to do a rock wall in front.
We decided to do a rock wall in front.

gardening, mowing the grass, and working on the trails.  I love to mow the grass.  And, our lawn is big.  Someone asked me once how big our lawn is, and I said it is as big as when I decide to stop mowing.  Our lawn butts up against the fields, woods and barn.  Once I decided I would take the mower (we are talking about a riding lawn mower) out into the field where the trail starts.  It’s not much fun when you have to

It started out small.
It started out small.

trek back for the heavy gasoline container.  Sometimes I get carried away.  Mowing is a form of meditation for me.

This past weekend was our prelude to Spring.  The temperature rose to the upper 70’s.  Today it is in the 30’s.

Our front pond is always evolving.  Basically each year we take baby steps.  This year we

hope to totally change the water fall with bigger rocks with a hidden tray to make the water come out more uniformly.  We have also decided to do more grasses to make it easier to maintain.

We are rock crazy.  It’s good that there is plenty of rock out in our woods.  It’s an adventure taking the tractor and wagon out to gather them.  The pond is basically using what we have on hand and what we can recycle.  We have purchased seeds and plants, of course as well as a water pump. The big round concrete slab in the middle is something we salvaged from my father’s plumbing days.299035_2049958493900_6535578_n

3 thoughts on “Ponds, Rocks and Gardening

  1. We have a strange old ride on that we inherited with the property. I have no idea why my father bought it aside from it would have been VERY cheap ;). Steve is thinking of converting it to a little tractor with a trailer as we have way too many rocks on the property to use it as a lawn mower, so many, we could make our own pyramid and still have some left over! Tasmania is made up entirely of an extinct volcanic range so you can imagine the stone that we have ;). Love the pond and the grass idea. I love grasses and think that they have been entirely overlooked in landscape design as hardy and waterwise and lending softness to any design. Can’t wait to see what you get up to in the garden this spring…I will have lots of time because it will be raining by then (I hope! 😉 )

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