Juice Fast?

735025_4660762522369_479560403_nLast week I attempted a juice fast.  I lasted three days.  I even had a friend who said she would go on it with me.  She is now on day 9! I did start feeling pretty good and could notice some differences such as a clearer complexion, but I caved.  I just think about food too much.  I DO juice everyday.  I just add regular food to it.

This is my big green juice.  I make it by the pitcher.  It consists of kale, chard, cabbage (I photolove kale and cabbage), cilantro, apples, celery, and carrots.  I’ve also made fresh pineapple and orange juice this past week.  I think the pineapple was the only item that wasn’t organic.

I love kale chips.  I bake with a touch of olive oil, Himalayan sea salt, mixed pepper, and nutritional yeast.

Lately I’ve been making a lot of veggie broth soups and adding kale, romaine lettuce (my lettuce of choice), green onions and mushrooms.  It’s very easy, and takes about ten minutes, tops.

photoLast night we had quinoa to which I added a chopped red pepper, green onions, black beans and romaine lettuce.

Next week I hope to start sprouts.  photo


10 thoughts on “Juice Fast?

  1. Very interesting never tried before, at least now I know what I missed…. I’ll have to give it a go. And you managed three days? nothing else? Well done!

  2. I prefer green smoothies to juice. You get all the fibre and filling results along with the goodness of the easily assimilated juice included. I have a smoothie a day for breakfast (green) and toss in a handful of almonds (or any seeds/nuts/nut/seed butter including tahini), a few dates, a bit of frozen fruit (whatever was on sale) a handful of icecubes (it IS summer here 😉 ), a spoonful of dried ginger and anything else that takes my fancy (sometimes cocoa) and whizz it all up. I then add a tbs of chia seed and stir it in and let it rest till the chia is plump and frogspawn like (I am strange like that 😉 ) and after drinking this, I have no room for anything till lunch time and I think of food all the time! I just lost 8kg in 8 weeks by adding this green smoothie into my diet after a green smoothie challenge and feel amazing. I couldn’t last on just juice either, not enough fibre to keep you full but the smoothies really do work 🙂

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