5 thoughts on “Working on Eyes

  1. working on eye, where are you looking and why?
    hmm little bit high, eyelashes they curl up and don’t shy..so beautiful the eye
    mysteriously sweet and sigh!

  2. Beautiful! I have to draw 50 pumpkins for my online web design course…this is about the point where my lecturer starts to question my artistic ability! 😉

      1. Something to do with repetition and being able to think outside the box (although we have to draw the pumpkins IN the box 😉 ). Its a media course and we are learning how to use the Adobe 6 suite (especially photoshop 6) and after we draw the pumpkins we are going to animate them? Sounds somewhat alarming to me…50 pumpkins animated all over the page (especially when my stick pumpkins are animated, they will look like tiny outline zombies wending crazily over the page!). You are a talented artist. I give you kudos from afar. I, am NOT a talented artist and my lecturer is going to have to live with that! 😉

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