I Love Coffee Shops, But Not Coffee

I reworked this from a previous drawing I did.
I reworked this from a previous drawing I did.

There is something about coffee shops that draws people.  They are cozy, inviting, a break from the world.  Everyone mellows out and gets along.  Not so with religions, politics, and nationalities.  Yet, all religions, political views, and nationalities come together in coffee shops.

My husband drinks coffee.  I drink tea.  I have never noticed any warfare between coffee drinkers and tea drinkers.  In fact, my husband and I support each other’s habit.  I don’t think one could attribute it to the caffeine.  Pepsi and Coke products both have caffeine, but there are cola wars.  People are most adamant about their preference.  I remember I was too, when I drank Pepsi.  That was so long ago it seems, but not long enough, as I wish it were one of those habits I never picked up.

Finding good coffee shops on our travels is one of the first things.  There was a coffee shop in New Orleans I found most inviting.  It was Dee’s Coffee Shop.


Recently in Raleigh, NC, I found another one – Third Place Coffee House.  It was really a quick trip in and out because it was next to the pizza place we were eating at.  I loved their chai.  https://www.facebook.com/thirdplacecoffee?sk=info

One of my favorite ones is Café Collage at Venice Beach, California, which I previously wrote about on my blog.  https://athursdayschild.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/bagel-heaven/

Then there is Starbucks.  No links needed.  I often wonder why Starbucks is so popular.  I have often thought the original Starbucks was in Atlantis, and all past life Atlanteans are coming together there.



7 thoughts on “I Love Coffee Shops, But Not Coffee

  1. I like chai tea also but buy the tea mix and drink it at home since it is expensive at Starbucks. I am a coffee drinker as well and use soy milk in my coffee every day.
    The picture of the coffee or tea cup makes me want a cup of chai.

    1. I hardly ever get a chai latte at Starbucks, but also buy the organic mix (actually got it at Target for $2.99 the other day – at that price I stock up). I like the green tea fraps and ice tea at Starbucks. We don’t live close, so I’m only there 1 – 2 times a week. I’m fortunate to have lots of Indian friends who make chai from scratch, and they’ve taught me to make it….a totally different taste from the Starbucks version. I’m lacto-vegetarian, meaning I consume dairy, but no eggs or meat. I do have a bad dairy habit. Soy is ok in cereal for me. I get lots of soy in tofu, tempeh and miso.

      1. Jeri, that is great that you have Indian friends that provided you with a receipe for chai. Would you consider putting it on your blog?

        I don’t use dairy but eat eggs. I had to get used to soy. At first I could not stand it. But an allergist told me that I was allergic to milk and all milk products. My allergies such as sinus headaches and etc almost have completely gone unless I happen to get exposed to mold.

  2. In out low touch, high tech world, coffee shops are a place to connect. While I love coffee, I usually order chai with soy milk!

  3. I never thought about it before but your observation holds true. Isn’t it wonderful that tea an coffee drinkers can get their fixes in the same café? I have a soy latté at Starbucks, and tea when at home. I think it is the aroma, decor, acoustics and ambiance there at Starbucks that attracts so many of us, but next time I go I will try to see if I can detect a connection to Atlantis in a past life.

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