The Process

Drawing the female face seems easiest for me.  Currently I’m exploring different drawing programs or applications on the Ipad.  The main four that I’ve been using are Sketchbook Pro, Art Rage, Brushes and Art Studio.  They all have advantages and disadvantages when you compare them to each other, but overall they are basically great.  I think I’ve found my niche.

My husband has tried to get me back into drawing for the longest time.  While growing up I probably drew everyday, many hours a day.  But over the years I got away from it. I developed a fear of messing up a perfect white canvas or sheet of drawing paper.  Then there was the inconvenience of getting all the art supplies out and not really having a place to work.  I’m sure if I truly had the will I would have made a way.

I love practicing, learning art this way.  It’s all so portable, and mistake proof in that you can erase and begin again.  And, then there is the savings on art supplies.

Yesterday I started a drawing on Brushes.  It has a playback mode.  I recorded the screen using my phone.  There is some flaw in the newest version which prevents you from recording straight to You Tube at the present moment.  I should have used background music, but thought of that after the fact.

I like Brushes mainly for this playback feature; however, my favorite program at the moment is Art Studio.  I took it as far as I wanted to go in Brushes, then moved that image over to Art Studio to finish up.  Finish is a relative term considering you can always go back in and redo, while keeping various versions.

So here is the beginning process and the end(?) result.


One thought on “The Process

  1. I have several of the programs you mentioned (though no skill at all in working with them–you’re doing fantastic work!) I haven’t tried Art Studio though. I’ve mostly worked with Sketchbook Pro. What would you say are the biggest differences between SP, Brushes and Art Studio? Does AS have layers? I keep thinking if I try a different program I’ll be able to do it. So far not much luck. Thanks! Jana

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