Art Rage

Done Using Ipad Application ArtScape

I recently purchased an Ipad 2.  I had been contemplating it for quite awhile mostly thinking of using one of the many drawing programs.  I have an art degree from a very long time ago, but haven’t really done anything except weaving for a very long time.  Sometimes I get out art supplies, but it has been so long the white page greatly intimidates me.  I had experimented several years ago making our Christmas card using the adobe drawing program that came with the mac; however, it was awkward going trying to use a mouse to control what what going on the screen.

My son-in-law was doing some great pictures on his Ipad, so this and being away from my husband (using Facetime while apart), gave me the incentive I needed to spend the money on the ipad.  And, of course now Facetime will come in really useful in seeing my new grandson.

I love using this art program, and I’m sure I will experiment with others as time goes by and I understand how to use them better.  I think I like the instant gratification of creation and the easy erasure of mistakes.  You can’t really destroy the canvas.

In the picture above I combined so many different mediums.  In future attempts I am planning on trying to work with one medium at a time.

3 thoughts on “Art Rage

  1. I am eternally divided between between being a technophobe and a technophile. Programs such as these (and the results … beautiful …) do sway towards the phile side of things 😀

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