Vitamin C, Water, Juicing, Whatever It Takes

In my old age, as I suffer from various aches, pains, bone popping, body failures I won’t go into, and other discomforts I find myself more and more researching how to reverse these maladies, before they get totally out of hand, by entering into a more healthy lifestyle.  Recently, one condition did get out of hand which was a wake up call to be more aggressive in good health measures to take care of current problems and prevent new ones.

I have far to go on this and need constant inspiration on this front.  I basically have to force myself to drink water, and when I say water, I mean some pure form of water, not directly from the tap.  Juicing also takes some initiative in the cleaning of the veggies, but mostly in the cleaning of the juicer.  But, there is nothing as good as fresh juice made from organic vegetables and fruit.  Currently I’ve been making juice from the combination of cabbage (I’ve read that cabbage is great for ulcers.  This is found on the site I’m listing below.), a carrot, celery, and an apple for sweetening.

I recently listened to an excellent podcast which led me to this site, and which I’m sharing here:

It’s an interview on Red Ice Creations radio with Dr. Andrew Saul.  After listening to the podcast I’m realizing just how important vitamin C and am trying to heavily douse myself with it, as well as drink much more water, and organic juice.  I’ve also started on sprouting….hopefully more on that later if I do it right.

Dr. Saul’s website if full of excellent information:

At breakfast this morning my husband and I had all these vitamins spread before us, downing them with our breakfast.  I said, “Are we old or what?”  But then, we should count our blessings.  There were no prescription or over the counter drugs on the table.

Now to add more raw veggies and fruit to my diet.

To your health!

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